Skin Examinations

Itching and scratching is a common problem with dogs. If it is irritating and hard wearing on the owner, then equally so, for the affected pet. Skin problems in dogs and cats make up by far the biggest number of cases seen by vets. This is understandable given the fact that the skin is the biggest organ in the body. Ectoparasites (ticks, lice, mites), allergic dermatitis (contact allergy, food allergy, flea allergy) and certain mineral deficiencies all cause itching in dogs and cats.

Common symptoms of dog and cat skin problems include:

  • Red Patches, Spots or Pimples
  • Scabs or Thickened Skin
  • Flaky or Scaly Patches
  • Itching, Scratching, Rubbing or Licking
  • Loss of Hair
  • Bad Skin Odour

Should you see any of these symptoms in your dog, it could be a skin condition. Consider taking your pet for further examination by your veterinarian.

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